Water One, Inc. is an award winning bottler of premium purified water serving the Chicago/Northern Illinois area and the Naples/Fort Myers region in Florida. Our full range of customer focused and responsive services include Residential and Commercial Bottled Water Delivery Programs, Private Label bottled water services, and Contract Packaging in a number of bottled sizes including 4 gallon, One-Way PET bottles.

We Deliver

In addition to offering 5 gallon bottled water and delivery service programs we also provide single serve size bottled water by the case to homes and businesses.

Key Features

  • Premium Purified Great Tasting Water
  • No Spill WaterSafe™ System
  • Coolers available for rent, lease, or purchase
  • No contracts
  • No cooler deposits
  • Convenient, flexible next day delivery service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Pick-up your water at Water One for additional savings

Water One, Inc. is very proud of its reputation for having the finest quality bottled water products and related services. Customer satisfaction in our number one goal and concern. Our philosophy is simple; We only deserve your business if provide satisfactory service . As a result, Water One, Inc. does not require our customers to sign contracts. If at any time you become dissatisfied with our service, you are free to discontinue without obligation or penalty.


  • Throughout the state of Illinois, a wholesale program is available under "Pure Vision" branded bottled water. This product is presently being offered and is available through a number of home improvement centers and water treatment dealers. Coolers, cups, 5 gallon water bottles, and single serve products are available at these locations. The same program is available in Florida under the Aquila brand.
  • For a location near you or if you are a retailer interested in distributing bottled water under the Pure Vision label or your own private label, contact Water One, Inc. for more information.
    • In Illinois call 630-307-0060
    • In Florida call 239-425-6100

Private Label

  • Private Label/Private Branded bottled water is one of the fastest growing segments of the beverage industry and the ideal customer friendly marketing tool to promote top of the mind awareness of your company, business, event, school, or fundraiser Customizing this very popular product with your own identity, conveys a positive image for your company, group, or cause. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are long-lasting.
  • Water One produces premium bottled water that includes a proprietary blend of healthy electrolytes. Our specialty is private label/private brand bottled water for promotional or resale purposes. The water produced can be purified, purified blend, oxygenated or the special blend of your design. Our 10 step process ensures the highest quality product possible. The unique label design allows for a maximum sized area to convey both identity and message. Pressure sensitive and shrink band styles are available. Our expert design staff can assist in designing the label that best suits your needs and objectives. PET sizes with sport top and tamper evident seals provides you with the latest in bottling technology.
  • The high capacity 10,000 class production facility is able to provide quick turnaround. Short lead times allow you to maintain minimal inventories and ensure that you always have the freshest product possible.
  • Please contact Water One, Inc. for quotes, samples, and ideas on how to use this program to support your marketing and promotional efforts.

Key Benefits

  • Your logo or image
  • Great tasting purified or value added water
  • Professionally packaged
  • Standard Sizing
  • A powerful marketing tool; Time in the hand = Time in the mind.

Contract Packaging

  • Water One, Inc. is a quality conscious, supplier of premium purified bottled water. Our class 10,000 clean room bottling facility has the production capability to produce your product and provide quick turnaround to satisfy your needs. Competitively priced, and conveniently located, Water One is eager to earn your business.
  • All PET sizes are available and we are able to apply pressure sensitive or shrink band labels, including recyclable, One-Way 4 Gallon PET bottles. Standard closures are sports-top with tamper evident seals, but optional configurations are available. We have the ability to bottle purified, purified blend, oxygenated, or the special blend of your design. Our purification process ensures a consistent product and one that is of the highest quality possible.
  • Please contact Water One, Inc. for more information, pricing, or samples of some of our fine products.