Our 10 Step Process Includes

  1. Pre-filtration to remove sediment and particles
  2. Softening to remove hardness causing minerals
  3. Carbon filtration to remove objectionable taste and odor as well as any organic chemicals that may be present
  4. Reverse osmosis to remove 95 percent plus of dissolved solids
  5. Demineralization to remove remaining minerals and bring the water to zero parts per million of total dissolved solids
  6. Ultraviolet purification to make sure our water stays virtually free of microbes
  7. Storage/recirculation to begin the production process. Water is continuously freshened with ozone, a naturally occurring substance close to oxygen in molecular structure. Ozone controls microbial growth without the undesirable byproducts always associated with chlorination
  8. Ozone purification residual to ensure freshness whenever a new bottle of water is opened
  9. Final bacteria filtration before bottling. This is the time when food grade minerals can be added to enhance taste
  10. Washing, sanitizing, and bottling

Water One, Inc. & Calco - a history of innovation

  • Water One, Inc. and CALCO have a heritage of innovative technology. Since 1969, CALCO, Ltd. and its sister company, Water One, Inc., have been leaders in water treatment, developing and designing systems that make water from any source right for every use. More than 40 years after the company was founded by Michael Barlow and Robert Kalnitz, CALCO/Water One remains a leading-edge, full-service source for Water Perfection™. The company’s full range of services includes the design, manufacturing, service, installation, distribution and complete management of high-purity water programs. High purity, bacteria/virus-free water is essential in pharmaceuticals, food processing, medical labs, semiconductor manufacturing and other clean operations. CALCO/Water One services a prestigious list of clients, including Abbot Laboratories, Baxter International, Loyola University Medical Center, Motorola, and Underwriters Laboratories.
  • CALCO/Water One’s strong, synergistic relationships with its specialized clients have led to a number of innovations, including the development of ViroBac™, the proprietary media now used in all World Solutions portable purifiers and mobile purification systems. In the 1980s CALCO/Water One produced the first stand-alone water purifier that was approved and registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Pure-Sip pocket purifier. To date, more than 1 million Pure-Sips have been sold to divisions of the U.S. military and other global customers. CALCO’s sister company, Water One, Inc., owns and operates two state-of-the-art bottled water facilities in Illinois and Florida, providing Premium Purified Bottled Water products in refillable, environmentally sustainable bottles for residential and commercial customers. Individual customers and corporate clients have depended on CALCO/Water One for health, safety, reliability and performance for more than four decades.

CALCO/Water One